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Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete DOMASK is a modern and fast method of laying of color concrete. It is the best development on simulation of traditional coverings.

By means of special additives concrete attains the necessary color. Then by a stamping method with the help of special polyurethane forms the concrete is given a texture of any natural surface: stone, wood, stone blocks, brick, pebble and other material.

Stamped concrete is applied in private, commercial and industrial construction:

  • Private houses
  • Cottage settlements
  • Housing estates
  • Cafe and restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels and sanatoria
  • Parks
  • Squares
  • Beaches





The DOMASK stamped concrete in section



Technical characteristics and benefits of the DOMASK stamped concrete:


  1. Compression capacity of 600-700 kgs/cm2. Solid and shock-resistant material, maintains high weight loads.
  2. Frost resistance more than 300 cycles. Maintains repeated freezing, does not collapse from negative temperatures.
  3. Water absorption up to 5% of weight. Does not absorb water, at differences of temperatures does not burst and not crumble.
  4. Wear resistance of 0,3 g/cm2. At long-term operation preserves initial form and does not get abraded.
  5. Resistance to the ultra-violet radiation to 100%. Does not change initial color and does not burn out.


Декоративный печатный бетон, площадки, дорожки, отмостки, въезды.

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